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David Zilberman




Dr. David Zilberman, has been a professor in the agricultural and resource economics department at the University of California, Berkeley, since 1979. He is currently the director of the Giannini Foundation and a fellow of the American Agricultural Economics Association. His research interests are in agricultural and nutritional policy, the economics of technological change, the economics of natural resources and microeconomic theory.

Dr. Zilberman received the American Agricultural Economics Association's Publication of Enduring Quality Award in 2005. In 2002, he was presented with the association's Quality of Research Discovery Award. He also has received the International Cannes Prize for Water and the Economy.



Economics of Biofuel Adoption and Impacts

This program incorporates modeling to integrate various types of analysis, each emphasizing a specific, important aspect of biofuel policy and impact assessment. This framework includes the adoption of biofuel technologies, biofuels in a global context, dynamics between fossil fuels and biofuels, water requirements of feedstocks, and risk management, and will determine the magnitude of biofuel impacts on relevant sectors of the economy.