EBI Personnel Directory Zhu, Hongbo (Shirley)

Fossil Fuel Bioprocessing

Hongbo (Shirley) Zhu





Microbially Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery (MEHR)

MEHR -- Microbially Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery --  involves a broad diversity of metabolic processes that act either individually or cooperatively to improve hydrocarbon production and energy yields, and reduce the environmental footprint.  An in-depth understanding of these metabolic processes and the controlling parameters comes from focused interdisciplinary research into model organisms or communities known to perform the relevant functions. 

Systems Biology: This work involves a variety of metabolomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, genomic, and biogeochemical approaches.  A focused aspect of these studies will be the development of model organisms or microbial assemblies from members of relevant Petroleum Reservoir microbial populations that have been enhanced in specific functional processes.