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Santanu Thapa





Diversifying Potential Cellulosic Perrenial Feedstocks with Prarie Cordgrass

Energy crop diversification at the landscape level wiII be an important factor for the sustainable cellulosic biomass feedstock and biofuel production system. Prairie cordgrass (Spartina pectinata) is a native warm-season grass that grows well on poorly drained and/or salt-affected soils and has potential of biomass yield up to 20 Mg ha-l in northern environments. However, very limited information is available for genetic resources and management strategies for maximizing biomass production of prairie cordgrass. It has a strong potential for feedstock production, and this project is determining the best genetic resources for developing improved populations and cultivars across multiple locations and growing seasons. The team is identifying the best planting systems and management practices for sustainable prairie cordgrass biomass production in land not suitable for traditional row crops or other perennial prairie grasses (Started in 2012).