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Biomass Depolymerization

John Taylor





Fungi and Deconstruction of Lignin and Other Components of Miscanthus Cell Walls

This project's goal was to identify cell wall deconstructing enzymes from the fungi that are best adapted to decay Miscanthus cell walls. To do this, the group discovered and brought into cultivation the fungi that decompose the feedstock of choice, Miscanthus giganteus.  They also worked to understand how fungi coordinate their genomes to degrade Miscanthus cell walls.

Thermophilic Filamentous Fungi and Yeasts from Compost and Sugarcane Bagasse

This project investigates cellulose degrading enzyme activity of mesophilic fungi that actively bioconvert plant cell wall material. Enzymes secreted by these fungi are being characterized using nucleotide sequence of their transcriptome and mass spectroscopy of their secreted proteins. To recover fungi, an approach is used that recovers one colony-forming unit (CFU) per micro-well, and this approach is being modified to work at high temperature throughout the process. Promising theromphilic fungi enzyme activity will be assayed and the secretomes of the thermophiles described. These fungi are not sought for their enzymes, but as thermophilic agents of biofuel production, and as thermophilic hosts for engineered biofuel production (started in 2012).