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Economic of Biofuel Adoption and Impacts

This program incorporates modeling to integrate various types of analysis, each emphasizing a specific, important aspect of biofuel policy and impact assessment. This framework includes the adoption of biofuel technologies, biofuels in a global context, dynamics between fossil fuels and biofuels, water requirements of feedstocks, and risk management, and will determine the magnitude of biofuel impacts on relevant sectors of the economy.


Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Decision-Making for Alternative Biofuels

Horvath’s group will create a comprehensive framework for assessing both the benefits and potential costs of biofuel technologies in terms of environmental quality, human health, natural resources, and local, regional and global economies. Researchers are studying air and water quality, land use, and human health and ecological impacts that arise from the life cycle of biofuels — from biomass growing through fuels production and distribution to fuels’ use.