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Feedstock Development

Daniel Rokhsar





Genomics-Enabled Improvement Of Andropogoneae Grasses As Feedstocks For Enhanced Biofuel Production

Using genetic sequencing and bioinformatics, investigators will seek ways to improve crop yield, quality and sustainability of the four leading biomass candidates — sugarcane, Miscanthus, switchgrass and sorghum.


Genomics-Enabled Improvement of Andropogoneae Fuelstock Grasses

Miscanthus and sugarcane are highly productive C4 grasses that are emerging biomass crops. Rokhsar’s project employs the latest tools of genomic science to advance understanding of Miscanthus and sugarcane biology, and to identify genes with utility in improving cellulosic biomass yields and quality. To achieve these goals they will conduct deep sequencing of genomes and transcriptomes using "next generation" technologies, assess genetic diversity, develop molecular markers for high density genetic mapping, and associate marker genotypes with phenotypes that contribute to biomass yield and composition in structured genetic populations. This information will be assembled into an integrated bioinformatics system to facilitate investigations of gene structure and function in these grasses.